• SealFoam® is derived from purified plant starch which eliminates the risks associated with human and animal derived hemostats.

  • Adhesive Control and Rapid Absorption in a Breakthrough Hemostatic Pad

  • Easy to apply. Adhesiveness combined with rapid hemostasis.

SealFoam® Absorbable Polysaccharide Hemostat is a medical device composed of AMP® (absorbable modified polymer) particles which are very hydrophilic, biocompatible, non-pyrogenic and derived from purified plant starch.The device contains no human or animal components. SealFoam is a naturally adhesive absorbable hemostatic pad designed to control bleeding during surgical procedures or following traumatic injuries. SealFoam may be trimmed to address specific procedural requirements and is indicated for a diverse range of applications and unique wound contours. SealFoam is absorbed in the body within a few days or may be irrigated prior to closure

100% Plant-Based
Fast Hemostasis
Rapid Absorption in the Body
Naturally Adhesive – Easy to Apply
Non-pyrogenic, Latex Free
Clinical Benefits
Effectively controls oozing and bleeding
Eliminates the risks associated with
human/animal-derived hemostats
Protect sternum by forming a gel barrier
Does not interfere with hone healing process
Minimizes the occurrence of re-bleeding

Ordering information

 Ref. No.  Description  Packaging
PD 644 Standard 10 units/box
PFS 02 Sternal 10 units/box


Clinical Papers

icon-documentBreast Surgery by Dr. Bussone
icon-documentCVT by Dr Mair
icon-documentKidney Surgery by Dr. Bretto
icon-documentSpinal Surgery by Dr. Desai
icon-documentThoracic Surgery by Dr. Filosso
icon-documentVascular Malfor- mations by Dr. Kubiena

Other Resources

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icon-documentProduct Brochure
SealFoam® is not approved for distribution in the U.S.
SealFoam® is manufactured under U.S. patent No.8,575,132 B2 and EU Patent No. EP 2,203,053 B1.