Responder® Polysaccharide Hemostat is a topical hemostat synthesized from a purified plant polymer. Its off the shelf deployment and easy storage is specifically formulated for combat, trauma, and emergency situations. Responder® particles are water soluble and can be dissolved simply by water or saline rinses. Responder® is intended for the treatment of severely bleeding wounds including cuts, lacerations, burns and other traumatic injuries.

Rapid Hemostasis

  • Extremely Hydrophilic
  • Rapid concentration of blood
  • Effectively controls moderate to severe bleeding


  • Starch derived polysaccharide
  • Degradable in human body
  • No exothermic reaction

Quick Irrigation

  • Dissolves rapidly with saline or water application
  • Easy removal for secondary surgical procedure (wound cleaning, suture, etc.)

Small Packge

  • Easy to carry and store
  • Fast one-step application
  • Medic-applied, buddy-applied and self-applied

Ordering Information

Ref. No. Description Packaging
RP1105 5g with applicator 5 units/box
RP0010 10g pouch 10 pouches/box

Other Resources

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Responder® is not approved for distribution in the U.S.
Responder® is manufactured under U.S. patent No. 8912168.