Responder® is a topical hemostat composed of AMP® (absorbable modified polymer) particles which are very hydrophilic, biocompatible, non-pyrogenic and derived from purified plant starch.

responder_newResponder contains no human or animal components. It is readily available for off the shelf deployment and requires no special storage conditions. It is specifically formulated for combat, trauma, and emergency situations. Responder® particles are water soluble and can be dissolved simply by water or saline rinses. Responder® is intended for the treatment of severely bleeding wounds including cuts, lacerations, burns and other traumatic injuries.

How to Use

    1. Visually inspect the sealed RESPONDER® package. If the package has been previously opened or damaged, discard and replace with a new package.
Gauze dry excess blood.
Open the package and apply particles liberally to the wound site
    4. Using sterile gauze apply firm pressure to the wound site.
It is important to read the entire instructions for use prior to applying Responder. 
To view full Instructions for Use, click here

Ordering information

Ref. No. Description Packaging
RP 1105 5g with applicator 5 units/box
RP 0010 10g pouch 10 pouches/box

Other Resources

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