Our Hemostasis Technology


Absorbable Modified Polymers (AMP®) technology is a proprietary engineering process that modifies plant starch into ultra-hydrophilic, adhesive forming hemostatic polymers.

AMP® materials are biocompatible, absorbable polysaccharides containing no animal or human components thereby eliminating risks associated with the transfer of animal and human pathogens.

AMP® materials have a molecular structure that rapidly absorbs water from blood, causing a high concentration of platelets, red blood cells and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site, accelerating the physiologic clotting cascade. The interaction of AMP® materials with blood rapidly produces a gelled matrix that adheres to and seals the bleeding tissue. AMP® materials are readily dissolved by saline irrigation and are degraded rapidly by human enzymes, primarily amylase, within several days.

Starch Medical continues to focus on providing advanced polymer based hemostasis products essential to creating a safer and healthier life for people everywhere.

Technology platforms developed to fit market applications
Proprietary technologies superior to the competition

Platforms Powder Foam
Products PerClot®
Applications General, Laparoscopic, Emergency General, Sternal, Neuro/Spine, Laparoscopic
Markets Healthcare, EMS Healthcare